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Surviving Prostate Cancer
by George & Terry Goulet

New Book Offers Hope for Men Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

In the United States, more than 200,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year. Prostate cancer is now the second leading cause of cancer deaths for American men.

A diagnosis of prostate cancer is a devastating and emotional experience for anyone who has had to face this potentially fatal disease. A man and his family are faced with a multi-faceted challenge to determine the extent of the cancer, what treatment to follow, and how this condition and its treatment will affect their future. They will want to know as much as they can about this disease, how they should confront this silent scourge, and what their chances of a cure are. If found early enough and aggressively treated, prostate cancer can be cured.

Prostate Cancer Treatment and Healing is a book that provides information for men diagnosed with prostate cancer and for those who may be at risk of developing it. This book is written for couples by a retired lawyer and his wife who have personally had to come to terms with a diagnosis of prostate cancer and tells of their journey through treatment and healing. The authors conducted extensive research which included:
  • speaking with numerous doctors and other medical professionals;

  • hearing the personal experiences of dozens of cancer patients including prostate cancer survivors across North America;

  • viewing and listening to many hours of video tapes and audio cassettes about prostate cancer;

  • reviewing certain statistical information in medical journals and articles; and

  • reading thousands of pages of written information about prostate cancer.

This book sets forth their research and experiences in a simplified and readable manner including:
  • conducting prostate cancer research and the sources they consulted;

  • information concerning the prostate gland;

  • prostate cancer, its likely causes and symptoms;

  • prostate tests and diagnostic procedures including the psa test, the fpsa test, biopsy, staging of prostate cancer, Gleason score and the aggressiveness of the cancer, and others;

  • clinical trials and matters to be considered relating to them;

  • various prostate cancer treatments such as radical prostatectomy, conventional radiation; proton beam radiation therapy, brachytherapy, watchful waiting, as well as a number of other treatments;

  • complementary and alternative therapies;

  • salvage and other treatment options if there is recurrence of the prostate cancer after treatment;

  • a comparison of proton beam radiation with other treatments;

  • likely and potential side effects of treatments;

  • particulars of support groups, resource services and agencies; and

  • experiences with psa tests, biopsy, diagnosis and consultations;

  • the author’s personal experiences with treatment and healing of prostate cancer.

This book also provides information on:
  • controlling one’s own destiny in dealing with this condition and not simply being a passive observer while others determine one’s fate;

  • making an informed decision;

  • prioritizing goals;

  • helpful suggestions in dealing with a diagnosis of prostate cancer and its treatment; and

  • dietary and lifestyle considerations. 

To assist the reader this book provides an extensive glossary of prostate related terms, a list of cancer associations, a bibliography and an index. The bibliography lists a number of books written by medical professionals that are specifically directed to prostate cancer, as well as others that convey inspiring messages of hope and healing, and of the power of the mind in assisting in the fight against this inglorious disease. As an e-book Prostate Cancer Treatment and Healing also provides helpful links to a number of web sites that provide information on prostate cancer.

One prostate cancer survivor commented that this book should be "hailed as an important addition to the ‘must read’ list for the thousands of men annually diagnosed with prostate cancer."

Click here for more information and to order Prostate Cancer Treatment and Healing.

About the Authors
George Goulet, a retired lawyer, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in November, 2000. He is a prostate cancer survivor who has been healthy since completing treatment in March, 2001. George's wife and co-author, Terry Goulet, is a retired book editor and former medical librarian who was with George on his journey of treatment and healing. They are now available as speakers for prostate cancer support groups.

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